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Escape Rooms

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Hotel Vernal Haunt 2019 02.jpg

Mystery at Hotel Vernal

LabX door.jpg



Game on! Experience a haunted escape room as part of Hotel Vernal Haunt.

Two Rooms are offered:

1)  Mystery at Hotel Vernal (2019 room)

2)  Lab X  (2021 room)


You and your group search for clues and patterns while avoiding paranormal activity within a room at the historic Hotel Vernal. Hurry!  You have one hour to outsmart the room and escape.


Groups of up to 8 guests per room.  A group of 2 will be very challenged by the room.  Groups of 8 will be crowded in the room, but doable.  Groups of five or six players recommended.  Book your specific time online.

Rooms open Saturday, Oct. 1 and run daily until Saturday, Oct. 29 (except Sundays).

There are no new room designs in 2022.


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