Escape Room

Mystery at Hotel Vernal 



Escape Room  - Game on. New this year - an escape room as part of Hotel Vernal Haunt!


You and your group search for clues and mysterious events while avoiding paranormal activity within a room at the historic Hotel Vernal. Hurry!  You have one hour to outsmart the room and escape.


Groups of up to 8 guests per room.  A group of 2 will be very challenged by the room.  Groups of 8 will be crowded in the room, but doable.  Groups of five or six players recommended.

The Escape Room times are 45 minutes apart. A specific time can be booked online with a ticket purchase.  A waiver is required for escape room participants.

Rooms open Friday, Oct. 3rd and run daily until Saturday, Nov. 2nd (except Sundays).


The year is 1989 and Hotel Vernal is experiencing a decline in guests.  It doesn't help that there are rumors about the Hotel being haunted and several guests of Hotel Vernal have gone missing.  You and your group have been recruited to help solve the missing persons cases. As undercover hotel guests, you will look for evidence and information to assist local police detectives solve the mystery.  Beware of paranormal happenings while searching the hotel rooms.  Hurry!  Many of the suspects are hotel employees and they return to work in one hour!