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Fear Haunt - Vampires, mad scientists, and unsettled spirits are just a few of the many horrors that await you as you explore the depths of the historic Hotel Vernal. This year's HAUNT is bigger and scarier than before!


The Haunt experience is not booked for a specific time. The next group will be taken from the wait line in the hotel lobby.  10 nights of FEAR on October weekends.


Hotel Vernal Haunt 2019 02.jpg

Escape Rooms  - Game on. Three escape experiences are offered at the Hotel:

1)  Mystery at Hotel Vernal

2)  Lab X 

3)  Lost Rhodes Mine (new room in 2023)

You and your group search for clues and solve themed puzzles while avoiding paranormal activity within a room at the historic Hotel Vernal. Hurry!  You have one hour to outsmart the room and escape. Groups of up to 8 guests per room.  Groups of five or six players recommended. A specific time can be booked online with a ticket purchase. 

Escape rooms are offered every night in October (except Sundays).


Un-Haunt Tour  - Experience a behind the scenes tour of the hotel Haunt without all the spooks, jump scares and gore.  Tours on October 5 & 28.

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